About us


 Welcome to Mental Zone Sport Psych, your Austin & Houston mental skills training resource. MZSP offers in-person consultation to athletes in the greater Austin & Houston area as well as, long distance consultations nationwide through FaceTime, Skype, and over the phone.

MZSP seeks to help athletes elevate their game to the next level through the teaching and implementation of mental skills. MZSP utilizes a holistic approach, while taking individual differences into account. A personalized mental skills program will be created for each athlete in order to provide the optimal services available.

The Mental Zone Philosophy is to teach a core set of Mental Skills that include Goal Setting, Arousal Regulation, Thought Management, Imagery/Visualization, and Attentional Focus in order to enhance performance both on and off the field. A common misconception in this field is one that suggests mental performance services are limited to athletic endeavors. This could not be further from the truth. The skills learned at MZSP, translate to all areas of daily life. The goal is to create a better athlete by creating a mentally stronger person.


Connor Harris


Mental Zone Sport Psych was established in January 2016 by Connor Harris. After receiving his master's degree from University of North Texas, where he worked with the UNT Football Team under Dr. Trent Petrie and Alex Auerbach, Connor continued his journey working under the supervision of Dr. Robyn Braun and Adrienne Langelier, LPC in Magnolia, TX.

Over the years, the success stories of his consultees range from 8 to 65-year old athletes across numerous athletic domains. Connor has had the privilege of working with individual athletes at the Professional, Collegiate, and High School/Club level.

Connor has also spent time working with a local high school baseball team and gymnastics team, allowing him to continue his work in a team environment. As a former athlete and someone who currently competes in half-marathons, triathlons, and obstacle course races, he understands the importance of finding the mental zone in competition.