Frequently Asked Questions

What does a potential client look like?

We work with a wide range of age groups (10 – 65 year olds) and skill levels (club, high school, collegiate, professional). We also work with coaches and in team settings.

How Often Should an Athlete see a Mental Performance Consultant?

There is not a right answer for this question. However, generally we start by meeting once a week and make adjustments from there. The goal is to provide enough time in between sessions to allow for progress but not so much time that the athlete forgets what he/she should be working on.

What kind of progress should I expect?

With mental skills training, athletes (and parents) should expect to see a slow progression. Just like learning any new skill in sports, it takes time and practice. The key is to be patient and trust the process.

How does a distance consultation work?

Athletes that are not in the area can meet using Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone. Although meeting in person is most effective, great work can still be done from a distance.

How much does it cost?

Our services are priced as follows:

  • Individual Sessions: $150/hour
  • Group/Team Sessions: $400+/hour